The Upcoming Move


Prophets in the Bible prophesied about NOW!

The Upcoming Move is more current than tomorrow’s newspaper. It’s about what God is doing worldwide. The Church is in the midst of a crucial transitional phase and radical changes are happening within the Body of Christ. Now is the time about which the prophets prophesied!

Following years of decay and drought, the water of revival is rising and rapids are already beginning to appear, seeking a riverbed. Throughout the centuries, God has been making moves in the world; however, most quickly receded because the riverbed was missing! It will be different this time.

The church is fording a brand-new river toward a season characterized by an increase in power and restoration of God’s order. And you are an integral part of it!

In The Upcoming Move, you will discover your position in the exciting times. Let yourself be inspired by all the great movements of the past, and be ready to jump ”spirits-first” into the future!

The Upcoming Move is an inspiring book that takes you into the move that is at your very doorstep!



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